Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Your tree or mine?

I saw this story in the local paper and nearly spit my drink out (yes it was that funny to me). It seems that the left (Obama) has no problem with the good Rev's denuciations of this country and roughly half it's people, yet he is very quick to 'persuade' a woman who has pledged to vote for him to step down because she had the nerve (!!!!) to tell kids to quit acting like monkeys.

Here's the headline on a story in the Chicago Sun-Times: "Suburban Obama delegate quits over 'divisive' remark." Here's the subhead: "Says when she called black kids 'monkeys,' she was asking them to get out of tree."

Being a newspaperman of many years, I know a thing or two about headlines. They are supposed to accurately convey the essence of the story. Now, any reasonable person would have a problem with a woman, whether an Obama delegate or not, calling little black children monkeys. If she did. Check out what she really said (emphasis added):

Right Angles

Click over and see what the rest of the story entails. It's a horror piece of PC'ness in a poor Chicago world.


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