Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Seems every time I sit down to put in a post, I draw a blank. I end up hitting a news story, putting some pithy comment at the end and letting it go.

I'm a very talkative and friendly person and yet I can't write for sh!t it seems. Occasionally I'll get out what I want to say and it looks good, but usually it's all type--delete--curse, news. I just don't have what most others have it seems.

A Comment or Two doesn't update a bunch (and was 'dead' for quite awhile) but his posts are usually thought provoking. A Trainwreck in Maxwell updates mostly daily and while his posts are generally short; he has the ability to keep me interested even in the ones that I don't like (heh). Then there's Ace... he has 'open blog' posters and other helpers, but you can always tell one of his posts. No matter what the news he's writing on, he is able to make a story out of his take on it and make it funny (to me anyway, not sure what that says about me). He is a mean one when he wants to be and I'd imagine people go out of their way to not be blogged about by him.

Acute Politics is by a serviceman in Iraq, he doesn't update a lot anymore (not sure if he's back in Iraq right now or not) but his writing is great when he does post. America's Interests is a new blog (to me) and a 'every-other' day kind of blog. The posts are generally longer than my comment or two about the news, but they also tackle what's going on in the world. Aubrey deals with NASA, the military and other news mostly, but tackles politics and immigration in the occasional post.

Autone is a Hollywood writer and doesn't post too much, but generally worth reading when he does. Bel is thinking is a British woman and she posts on happenings in the Isles. She had been on a long break, but she's back now and putting paid to the MP's that want to ruin England. Buffalo... the enigma of my blogroll. He and I agree on almost nothing, but the man has a gift for putting his thoughts into words. If I could write as good (or half as good) as he does, tDR would be a big hit in the blogosphere.

Club For Growth is a conservative 'watchdog' group who makes it their business to advance conservative principles and candidates. They run white papers on candidates (R or D) and will tell it like it is. They are very anti-'pork' and aren't shy about it. Confederate Yankee focuses mainly on the war on terror, the fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the politicians that want to lose there. Conservatism with Heart is a general all-around conservative blog (with a radio show) and touches on all points conservative, generally every day.

Crushed by Ingsoc is another Brit on the roll. He generally is concerned with himself and his journey to enlightenment(TM), he writes long posts that are sometimes hard to follow, but usually entertaining. DD2 abhors Obama, but hates Clinton and you can tell in his writing. He covers politics and is having a field day with the Democratic Primary season. Don Surber is the greatest MSM blogger I know :) Short 'quippy' posts about anything and everything. He generally lets the media have it and started(*) the 'Name that Party' game that everyone seems to play.

Flopping Aces is generally military blogging, some politics and a good read whenever you go that way. GSGF is Courtney's home (our favorite blogger here at tDR) and is anything and everything Middle East. A well researched blogger, she intersperses her posts with witty comments backed up by links and takes on all-comers. Honeysmack is the lovely Aussie with a flair for the NSFW postings. Gets your blood going and makes you want to visit again and again.

Those are just some of the bloggers on my read list. I don't have the time to put everyone up here today, but I'll try to finish the list later on. Give them all a visit and see what you like. I'm sure you'll find something that you want to read and re-visit later.

* I assume that Don started this game, if anyone knows that he didn't, I'd be happy to retract


CalumCarr said...

I have an idea how you feel because I'm not writing the posts I want to write: too much else going on for my brain to concentrate on quality posts. I'm left with short and light posts which keep the blog going and which seem to be received quite well but which leave me disappointed.

What did you just say to me: "You've read my drivel... nothing to it but to write what you want :)"

If you can't write what you want then write what you can. This will change with time as you and your micro-circumstances change.

Perhaps you are trying too hard and this is putting pressure on you whenever you sit to post.

Do what you can.

Good luck


Winfred Mann said...

Writing on a daily basis is not the easiest thing to do, especially when there are a multitude of other issues to contend with during the day.

How did you know I was dead? Not too many people were aware of that.

Lord Nazh said...

Thanks Calum, but with no stress my writing still sucks :)

WM: I was (somewhat) joking and talking about your blog, not you. I'm glad you're better though.

AI said...

Thanks for the link!
Writing sometimes just ain't easy. For mine, the delete key remains a trusted friend, I write delete, write more and delete more until a point is reached where I have a decent and coherent. I know, easier said than done, keep plugging...

James Higham said...

Great to see that one of your most regular visitors, me, doesn't rate a mention but Crushed gets a section. Gosh, he must be a fantastic blogger.

Lord Nazh said...

James: not sure if you jest or not, but surely even you can decipher alphabetical order? :)

Lord Nazh said...

AI: I know, occasionally I'll get a real post out, but usually I just give up on it :)

Crushed said...

Thanks for the link, LN.

Interesting comments above.

One of them speaks volumes...

Lord Nazh said...

No fair CBI, I still think he's kidding :)

James Higham said...

I jest.

KurtP said...

Hey Nazh.
Appreciate the mention and the link, but you write better than I do.
I write like I talk, and hope it makes sense.

Lord Nazh said...

Appreciate it Kurt :) but I wish I could write like I talk heh

Ms Smack said...

hi, I got the tag, but I am confused as to what I am to do in return. Would you like a post about writers block? and how I get over it?

Can you drop me an email or clarify a little?

Thanks darlin'


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