Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Orkin man came by yesterday and I have termites :(

Seems there's an infestation under my laundry room and it'll cost about $1600 or so to fix it. So feel free to hit the donate button :)

OT: Had a little global warming yesterday, had to wear a jacket most of the day and the economy grew another .6% as this 'recession' continues to go the wrong way.


EvilMidniteBombr said...

That sucks. When the wife was trying to sell her house she had termites in the old landscape timber in the back yard. This lead to having to have the house treated for termites. In a walk in basement. With CONCRETE FLOORS AND WALLS! That was teh suck. Get a second opinion and estimate. You may be able to get it done cheaper than Orkin will do it.

Lord Nazh said...

That was the cheap estimate :)

Problem is the guy built that part of the house where wood TOUCHES earth.

EvilMidniteBombr said...



 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying