Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Portman for Veep?

Natalie Portman has made the short list for the GOP's potential VP nomies in 2008. Novak's column broke the story recently hot on the heels of the hottie actress's Capitol Hill debut a while back.

Senator McCain's insiders claim that Portman is a natural because
"She's hotter than a firecracker, easy on the eyes and brings financial gravitas
to the campaign. Not only that, Natalie has executive expertise from the
first three Star Wars films portraying a Princess, Senator and Resistance Leader"
Natalie wasn't the first hottie considered for the campaign. Paris the Heiress was on the list too.
"Paris is the COO for four different corps that netted about 28 million in
profits. Clearly that is an economic leader - one that could balance the GOP's nominee's strong Defense and Foreign Affairs bona fides."

Angelina Jolie was also briefly considered because of her Pro Surge stance though ultimately discounted because of several tats strategically located that might prove distracting to easily distracted voters in the Fall.

Paris Hilton was dropped from consideration despite being 'Hot' because of several incidents that would be tough for law and order voters and video collectors.

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