Monday, April 7, 2008


It has taken more than 90 days, 270 witnesses and a bill of £10 million to slay the obsessive conspiracy theories of one man. And in the end yesterday, a jury discarded the soft option of accidental death and placed much of the blame for the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed on the shoulders of one of Mohamed Al Fayed’s own employees.

The Princess and Dodi were unlawfully killed by a combination of their drunk driver, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi who were chasing their car, the jury at their inquests decided.

It was a disastrous outcome for the owner of Harrods, whose allegations of a murder plot masterminded by the Duke of Edinburgh were rejected decisively by the coroner for complete lack of evidence. It was a damning indictment, too, of the pursuing photographers who must accept an equal share of the blame. Even the dead do not escape censure. The couple might have been alive today, the jury decided unanimously, had they been wearing their seatbelts.

Now maybe this poor woman can finally rest. The obsession over her death (and life) rivals that of Elvis at times over here (in the south especially) and I doubt this inquest will change the minds of some who continue to look for conspiracies wherever they can.


James Shott said...

Unfortunately, this verdict will do nothing to the jackal paparazzi, or to stem their predatory behavior, which is ultimately the root cause of this tragedy. Had the paparazzi not so doggedly pursued Diana and Dodi, they would likely be alive today, the inebriated state of their driver notwithstanding.

Lord Nazh said...

Already visited a few english (leaning) sites and yep, you're right, no relief from the conspiracy :)

There are quite a few things that could have prevented this, the driver is the #1 thing. No matter how many people want to take pictures of you, you don't really have to do a hundred to get away do you?

James Higham said...

Complete crap, the whole thing and it is answered at my place.

Lord Nazh said...

See :)


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