Thursday, May 1, 2008


Since the overt covert semi closed hearings in Great Satan's DC and all the leaky leaks that drip enough intrigue, super sexy entente's of WMD Witchcraft (of the Nukey variety - no less), exotic dangerous hotties flying combat jets and Axis of Evil Super Villan hook ups to create a 007 movie blockbuster.

Kuriba Suriya's Lion of Syria, Dr General Pres for Life Bashar Al Assad flees Basharopolis to take a leak himself with Al Watan - a semi free press in the semi Western UAE

Since Great Satan officially let the cat out of the bag about the Syria Bombing Day (6 Sept 07 for Gregorians) and Little Satan's magical, stealthy and precise air raiding shenanigans that proved blinging for the latest greatest Russian air defense systems created was totally retarded.

Why not just stash cash in the trash? Either TOR is easily seduced by Facebook, actually blind or even worse - mafia style Russians conned the living daylights out of Basharopolis' Air Force High Command.

Either way is fine.

"Is it logical? A nuclear site did not have protection with surface to air
defenses? A nuclear site within the footprint of satellites in the middle of
Syria in an open area in the desert?"
Such an easy target available to be spied out and struck out (kinda close to that Turkish border) that happened to be a carbon copy of fellow AOE NoKo's reactor in Pyongban.

An alledged super sensitive spot unabashedly flashing tail and detail. Reactors like Pyongban are of antique graphite moderating design. Like Chernobyl. Hasn't been any built in like 40 years.

Ancient devices like this one create one devastating creation.

Plutonium 239 (Pu-239 for the elemental tablists) The same PU that put 'lo' in implosion school 'Atomic' weaponry (Fatman and Little Boy in Great Satan speak).

NoKo cats were busted on site - indeed - only NoKo fiddles about so wickedly graphitecally.

This undead reactor was never crunk to crank electricity directly or indirectly through Syria's electic power grid (Target #18 in IAF speak).

Even plotting a hot spot, such as and where fore - and hooking up with NoKo is an oath breaking violation of agreements signed in good faith with the whole world - the IAEA - UNSCR 1718.

Interesting too that no plutonium reposessing happened. To be fair though - maybe because the reactor hadn't cooked any off to reprocess.

Totally so not true according to the great leader, the lion father of his people, the most beneficent (and ubiquitous) Dr General Pres for Life.

Truth is

"The truth is that the raid was at a military site under construction. We are against mass destruction weapons for Israel, Iran or others. "
Bashar also brought a curious logical point about where a device should or could or shouldn't or couldn't be deployed.

"Where would we use it? On Israel it would kill the Palestinians. I do not
see this as logical."

True that - vaporizing and irradiating Palestine may not be the best way to regain Greater Syria, cut sweety security arrangements, trade concessions and recognized regional aspirations with Great Satan.

Though it does make one heck of a backup plan if the "totally O" word is Dr Strangelovingly applied to all the players in Damascus. If regime change is about to unfold - blackmail for bail is certainly an option. Super Villanesque too.

Or something passed on in open denial to auxiliary AOE allies like rocket rich rejects, suicide regimes foreign sleeper cells as a strategic concern.

If a certain, sister Arab state (that back in the day was totally dominated turf in Greater Syria) currently chock full of Great Satan's on the ground and in their face combat regime changing, insurgency crushing hellions was horrifically Hiroshima'd - there's a chance Syria would get to move in and take control - for humanitarian reasons - no doubt.

All dot connecting aside, the dots are fairly danging for Syria and her despotic nepotistic semi nihilist regime:

Fiddling about with WMD, Feeding and funding Hiz'B'Allah - a sworn enemy of Great Satan with a blood debt that has no statue of limitations, Blatantly bombing a sister state like tiny tiny Lebanon into extinction, destabilizing Iraq, dissing UN reso's etc -

Of all the things that bestow righteousness to a fast death blitz on the regime and all it's precious assets and players - any one of those is on the list

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