Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Top 9 Barack Obama Complaints

Found this over at TheNoseonYourFace and thought I'd share it:
9. Been looking at things from a "glass-half-empty" perspective. Now they only point out the people he didn't feed with the loaves of bread and fish, not the millions who have already eaten their full through Him.

8. They keep bringing up that picture of him in the Muslim-ish outfit. Like a picture is going to impact a presidential candidates campaign!

7. Have not properly re-calibrated their "Victim-o-meters" yet. Everyone knows that a black, former Muslim with the ability to commune with animals, is entitled to far better coverage than a white woman whose major claim to fame is that she survived having a house dropped on her a few years back.
TheNoseonYourFaceVisited this site awhile back and forgot about it. Love the place. I encourage everyone to visit and laugh.  There will (eventually) be something for everyone over there ;)

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