Saturday, March 29, 2008


Stop-loss hit theaters... and the theaters hit back (hehTM).

I told my dad that this was a train-wreck waiting to happen and it did. The numbers are something like 7th for the weekend (behind Debbie does Dallas XXXII) and the only rave revues are coming from people that actually are in the film.

For a great review of the movie, head over to Libertas and read theirs.
Actual line from the film: "F**K the President." A half-hour in, when absolutely nothing we've been told about this character prepares us for it, that's what comes out of the mouth of our protagonist war hero, Brandon King (Ryan Phillipe). Like someone flipped a switch, King transforms from hoo-rah Army sergeant to Code Pink mouthpiece. "Wait a minute," he protests, to his commanding officer, "Stop-loss is only in effect during times of war, and the President said the war was over." That's the logic our screenwriters came up with as motivation for desertion.
Read the whole review (and the comments) this is some good stuff. (h/t ACE)



I looked for an e-mail but didn't see one, so I hope you don't mind m commenting off topic..or do I have to say......Yay! Lovely girl!?

I hope you are not taking offense at my comments elsewhere.
It's not personal.You have impressed me in the pastwith other comments that showed a warmth and graciousness that was nice to see.

You're alright.:)
Shame though that your views on racism and America clash with mine, for we are bound to get heated.
Just wanted to let you know my comments are not attacks on you.

As this commnt doesn't fit in with your blog, I won't be offended if you delete this.

Lord Nazh said...

Would look silly to say "Yay! Lovely girl!?" on this post no? :)

not sure about our views on racism clashing, as the current discussion doesn't entail that, but no I don't take offense at much.

That last comment you posted was close though heh


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying