Saturday, March 15, 2008


Barack Obama recently tried to distance himself from his pastor because of his pastor's views about America and white people.

Obama has been a member of his church for 20 odd years, was married by the man, had his kids baptized by the man and just now finds out that the man is crazy? Seems a bit pat to me no? Obama has to believe in what the man does if he stays there; it's not like you'll keep going to the same hate-monger if you aren't a hate-monger yourself.

I've read quite a few good posts at various blogs about this and at almost all of them, some moonbat will be in the comments basically giving Obama a pass because he 'denounced' the preacher man. Of couse when the media FINALLY notices that you are using an anti-American, racist, anti-semitic, hate-mongering idiot as a spiritual advisor; you have to do something to keep your 'Audacity of Hope' going.

This is simply the latest large misstep that Obama has had since he took momentum from the Hildabeast on Super Tuesday. From wanting to bomb Pakistan, the pin, the hand not on heart to his wife's (un)pride in her country; nothing in the man has even hinted that he would be capable of leading this country he loathes so much.

I detest Hilary but at least I believe she would be better for the country than this walking time-bomb. (note: I will vote for McCain and hope he destroys whomever the Dems put out there, but if one of them would happen to win, I think Obama would ruin this country much worse than Hilary could even dream of).

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