Saturday, March 15, 2008

Name that Party

Hard to really call this one since the person is so well known, but it fits the theme of the game*.

CHICAGO -- Sen. Barack Obama, seeking to put to rest lingering questions about his relationship with indicted fundraiser and developer Antoin Rezko, met for roughly three hours Friday with investigative reporters and editorial board members of Chicago's two biggest newspapers.

Few details appeared new. Obama revised upward his estimate of the money that Rezko raised for his early campaigns, and he reiterated his mea culpa about coordinating the purchase of his Chicago home with Rezko and buying a piece of an adjoining property from Rezko and his wife.


It's only 9 paragraphs but is about a scandal and you can bet if the person was a Republican, it would be in the 1st paragraph. (*game is from Don Surber)

The great one himself linked (thanks)

Hey Surber readers, feel free to look around the site :) also, does anyone know why this page (the main page) loads correctly in IE but not in Firefox? The site will load in FF but then load some blank page after... any help would be greatly appreciated.

update: It has to be a bad post as is working fine (to me)

update(update): fixed (I think), not sure what it was, removed some code that was no longer doing anything, but that code had been there awhile so it shouldn't have just started messing up O.o

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