Friday, March 28, 2008


Good post on the recent dust-up of Hillary!

Imagine you're applying for a really important job.

You submit your resume listing your accomplishments and your skillset. This is the document that the employer has to go on when deciding if you get an interview and... ultimately... the job.

What do you think would happen if the employer found out that you lied on your resume?

I know that I would not get an interview, let alone the job.

Which is why I'm curious as to why Hillary Clinton still has a snowball's chance for the democrat nomination given her most recent "whopper" of a lie. I know, a Clinton lying is not really a big shocker. But bear with me and you will be amazed at the way this woman can lie without any discernible physical indication that she is dissembling. Psychiatrists call that a mark of someone who is a Sociopath. I'll let you decide.

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