Saturday, March 22, 2008


Frank Schaeffer's column at the Huffington Post is headlined:

This Good Friday Let Us Not Crucify Barack Obama
Excuse me? Nobody is talking about crucifying anybody. It's just politics, Frank. The three remaining presidential candidates -- Obama, Hillary and McCain -- are all U.S. senators, and should they lose, they'll still be U.S. senators. So to suggest that criticizing them is akin to crucifixion is ... well, maybe it's not blasphemy, but it's pretty ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, here's the first paragraph of Schaeffer's column:
The Other McCain
Great post on the left's obsession with their savior over at tOM (new site to me). Followed a link from Ace I think to get there and liked what I saw on this post and others.

It's scary just how much the liberals have invested emotionally in the Obamessiah meme and just what they will do to keep the train going. I realize that the Hildabeast can't win mathematically but neither can BO. It will take the 'free-will' super-delegates to win the D-nomination and one way or another some group will have a reason to be pissed when it's over.

As a conservative, I'm loving every minute of it. The 'inclusive' left [heh that's like saying Islam is the Religion of Peace] is getting the stereotyping they deserve and the corner they've painted themselves into will be wet when it's over.

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