Sunday, March 2, 2008

Clinton vs Obama

A story in the Washington Post describes the race for the Democratic primary very well in the south of Texas.

The story is 2 pages and talks of the 'rift' between father (Clinton) and son (Obama) and the plight of a town that the interstates passed by. There is talk of loyalty and change and all that goes with those concepts.

The most curious omission from the piece is anything at all to do with experience, positions on anything, or if said candidate could/would be any good in the office of President. I'd say that sums up the dilemma for most Democrats that I know today.
BROWNSVILLE, Tex. -- State Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. pulled into the parking lot at Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q one day last week in an old pickup truck worn by 237,000 miles. He winced as he stepped down from the driver's seat, evidence of two heart attacks and a recent hernia surgery.

Doctors had ordered him to stay home, but he refused to watch Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's Texas campaign deteriorate from his couch. Lucio, 62, planned to use his influence across the Rio Grande Valley to save her.

State Rep. Eddie Lucio III, 29, arrived in a new Saab compact with a Barack Obama bumper sticker on the rear window. A few months ago, when he applied the decal, friends heckled him. His endorsement of Obama alienated some constituents in a Latino district thick with Clinton loyalists. Career suicide, some colleagues called it. Now, Lucio hoped to prove his instincts right.

Washington Post Staff Writer

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