Monday, March 3, 2008

Chaos - thy name is the democrat convention

So it appears that Barack Obama is going to win the democrat (not capitalized on purpose) nomination and send Hillary into a tizzy that she may never recover from (God willing).

Why would this happen you might ask? Well because democrats are too busy looking at the snake-oil salesman from Illinois with lover's eyes for the past month or so.

What this has done is to kill any momentum that Hillary had and made her look irrelevant and old.

But more importantly, because Hillary had a lead and because too many of the democrat primaries allowed the candidates to actually split votes, this means that the democrat Super Delegates will play a part in the nomination at the democrat convention.

What are Super Delegates you might ask? They are bigwigs in the democrat party ( Congressmen, Part Leaders, etc...).

Why are they important? Because at the convention these Super Delegates get to vote...


(ed. "Pledged delegates reflect the preferences of the voters, but are not actually legally bound to vote for the candidate they are pledged for." -wiki- it's not just the supers that get to vote how they want ;) --LN)

This means that if Obama and Clinton are tied. Or more ironically, if Obama narrowly leads the POPULAR VOTE with not enough delegates to win outright, Hillary still could get the nomination by swaying enough Super Delegates to vote for her.

What THAT means is that this would be a VERY MESSY democrat Convention.

And THAT ... has me wishing Hillary does well enough to pull close.

Get yer popcorn ready folks !!

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