Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Lawmaker Tim Couch from Kentucky (why are the idiots always in the south... don't answer that) wants to fine people like me for letting people I don't know comment on my site.

He wants to make it where every commenter has to register their name and address with any site they comment on and fine the owner of said site up to $1000 if they don't comply. I personally detest anonymous commenters (at least make up a name heh) but that doesn't mean I think you have to register who you are to be online.

This bill is supposed to stop 'online bullying' but would only stop online commenting. People, for various reasons, do not want their real-life information floating around in anymore places than it has to be. I'm sure that little out-of-the-way sites such as mine would simply not be stops for people any longer if there was a threat involved.

People that comment anonymously wont' change simply because the government tells them to, they will gravitate to other sites or simply drop off. There has been quite a few asinine bills to come from Congress, but I think this may be close to the top.


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