Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SeeDub starts it all

SeeDub is causing a firestorm in the blogosphere by pointing out that not everyone is enamored of the phrase "fire in the belly". Of course he doesn't take credit for this phenomena but everyone knows it started on his blog :)

I've had pretty much this discussion with quite a few others, why is it that we only want to vote for people that CAMPAIGN well instead of people that will you know, govern well? It is absolutely idiotic to vote for someone based on how they approached the run-up to the Iowa caucuses instead of their stands on the issues that are important to the voter. That would be like voting for Hillary because she has more experience heh.

Click the link below to read seedub's post on all this.
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My grousing about the "fire in the belly" MSM moron-meme is resonating* around the blogosphere. Michael Bates had talked about it here, and Anwyn linked me in this post. Even Allah admitted I had a point, but he's such a drooling wild-eyed Fredhead fanboy it's hard to take him seriously on the issue.
Seedub also talks about the actual voter that asked the question about ambition and what he thought of the answer (as opposed to what the press thought), you may be surprised, or not, since I seem to be in slow motion.

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