Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Republican Candidates

Got an email yesterday from someone in the Romney camp asking me to switch my support over. (must have seen my name on a list or something, I don't have enough visitors for them to make the effort really)

I have not decided yet whom to vote for when the primaries come to my state (2/5) but I'm leaning heavily to the anti-Huck vote. While this may be Romney, it could be anyone not Huck (heh) so at this moment, Romney has not got my vote. He is more than welcome to earn it, but simply asking for it won't get it just now. I will be responding with the same to his camp and see what they say.

As for the candidates, lets look at who we have out there and what they 'rate' to me.

(5 very, 0 not)Fiscal conSocial conWoTBorderRightsTotal






So we got that for who I think is the best conservative candidate left. Note: RuPaul wouldn't get my vote no matter what I scored him on there, he's a freaking lunatic. Also, Huckabee wouldn't get my vote if I was his VP; but I did want to rate him. (note Hunter would have gotten a 23 and Thompson a 24 on this board if they were still in)

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