Monday, January 21, 2008


Have to agree with the sentiments in this story, but not in the way the speaker would want me to.
DALLAS, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- A Dallas minister who marched with civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., said Monday's birthday observance holiday is an insult to his legacy.

The Rev. Peter Johnson, 62, director of the Texas operations for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, told The Dallas Morning News the holiday should be on April 4, the anniversary of the date King was assassinated.

"We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death," said Johnson. "We've allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we've allowed black America to drift back into a coma."

I agree that the holiday is a waste; it is a waste to have a holiday celebrating one man when we don't celebrate any other 'single' person. The two greatest presidents in history have to share a day and MLK gets his on.

MLK marched against racism and for equality, something the good Rev. Johnson seems to have not achieved, his talk of 'white' and 'black' America should be a hint to all those that would follow him that the good preacher isn't into all this equality talk. 'White' America didn't kill MLK, I believe he was killed by One (1) American who happened to be a white person.

Racists are the people that seem to look for race in everything. Regardless of how 'tolerant' you are, you will never convince me that because of history, any class or group of people deserve preferred status.

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