Saturday, December 8, 2007


Sex is everywhere. Of course it has been for awhile now, but these days it's more 'out there' than ever before.

It's on TV, movies, ads, radio, toys (yes toys), books, the internet (heh); basically anywhere you look from governments to places of worship you will see sex.

What you don't want to see is a 100+ person sex party at the house next door if you live in Duncanville, TX:
DUNCANVILLE, Texas (AP) - The most popular address on Cedar Ridge Drive is Jim Trulock's split- level home, which has a group sex room and attracts as many as 100 people to swinger parties featuring "Naked Twister" nights.

But the festivities could soon be over. In response to neighbors' complaints, the city has outlawed sex clubs in residential areas. Citations have been issued, and search warrants may be next.

"It's crazy that they want to force their morality down our throats," said Dawn Burton, 45, a regular guest at the parties. "We're all frustrated."

So are those who complain of the noise, traffic and parking problems that occur in their otherwise quiet, upscale neighborhood every Friday and Saturday, when Trulock's home is transformed into "The Cherry Pit."

Duncanville, which proclaims itself "The Perfect Blend of Family, Community and Business," is an unlikely venue for a neighborhood swinger club. The city of 36,000 just southwest of Dallas has about 50 places of worship and not a single registered sexually oriented business.

Duncanville officials insist they are not just another prudish Texas town giving the boot to spouse-swappers. They say it all boils down to a matter of law: Trulock is operating a business featuring live sex acts.


Seems to be an issue between privacy and business laws. Everyone should expect privacy in their home for whatever 'deviant' act they are performing. I'm not trying to knock Trulock for his choice of parties and friends, but it seems that maybe they are just a tad bit excessive for his community. With 'admission' charged (donations for food/drinks) and the number of people, it will be difficult for him to win on privacy concerns. I don't know for sure if the town would have handled this differently had it simply been a few friends and not the hassle of parking, noise and whatever, but they don't have to show they would have been on his side in that case.

His lawyer of course will fight for him and there will be court battles, but I can't see this law getting overturned based on what I've read here. There could be other issues not brought up in the article, but I can't imagine what those would have to be to make a difference.

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