Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ron Paul

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A couple of good posts about Ron Paul on the 'net today. First by Don Surber on Paul's poll ratings:
Good news

Gallup shows Ron Paul tied with Alan Keyes.

Republicans can relax. The latest Gallup Poll shows the viral video candidate Dr. Paul is tied with the goofball Keyes at 3% each. It is Dean ‘04 all over again with another Internet-driven campaign that is going nowhere fast.
Don Surber
Next is the case against Paul by Professor Bainbridge:
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I’ve been cataloging my quest to settle on a GOP Presidential candidate to support in 2008 (so far I’ve stick with Fred Thompson mainly by default). I took on McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Tancredo in this post. I went back to make the case against Huckabee in more detail in this post. With Andrew Sullivan having endorsed Ron Paul, it’s the latter’s turn. (UPDATE: Now Sullivan’s even implying support for a third party bid by Paul.) Unlike Andrew, I’m afraid I can’t work up any enthusiasm for Paul.
Professor Bainbridge
Make sure to read the rest of his post (and especially the comments).

Ron may run on a 3rd party ticket and that is just where he deserves to run.

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