Monday, December 17, 2007

Joe Mole

This morning before going to school, lil bit read Joe Mole to me. It was her homework (she had read it two times, but Falen said one more time).

The premise behind the book seemed to be the long O sound (and telling you that slow and steady still wins the race) and she had little problem with most words. She would sound them out and then read the word (usually sounding them out as a short o, then correcting herself) until she ran into the words goal and moan. While still the same sounds, they don't sound out the same to a six year old :) Other than those two words, she got the rest of the book by herself.

Along with the moment I got married and lil bit's birth, this was probably the proudest I've been (she has read a book before, but not this much by herself). Unlike those other times, however, this one was somewhat bittersweet. It was great because she could do it herself and I was proud of her for it, but reading is the first step to independence (yes I know she's six). When you can read for yourself, you don't rely on others as much as you once did. Now she'll be able to play games that she couldn't do before because she had to have someone read things to her (that she didn't understand). Hopefully she'll be a big reader like I was; but whatever, this changes things for her.

This will open up a world that she never knew existed. Along with her vivid imagination, she'll get to visit worlds other people have dreamed up and not just her own. As much as she loves movies, I think that soon, she'll appreciate books even more.

Not much reason for this post, just dropped her off at school and thought I should share this with everyone :)

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