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Divine Intervention and the Date Police

Preacher Command in Tehran blitzes a ton of internet cafe's, computer clubs and tech saavy kids in their desperate doomed attempt to control socialising in a nation fixing to bust with young people.Colonel Nader Sarkari of the Mullahs Online Posse explains during a well earned break from targetting almost 500 online hot hook up spots why the regime is freaking out at unbridled internet access. Lawless hoods and out of control ho's are frequenting these shady establishments for a myriad of wicked purposes:
"Using immoral computer games, storing obscene photos ... and the presence of women wearing improper hijab were among the reasons why they have been closed down."
Goodluck. In a increasingly prohibitive society, fun of any kind is outlawed, contact with hotties (h'jibed or not) and hot guys severly limited, and no free media.

This Achilles heel is exploited by kids in Iran right now. Filter busters appear scrawled on the back of bus seats in Tehran's Mass Transit System - risable' rich as the current hand picked Pres of Iran has a PHD in traffic management and as mayor tried to segregate bus lines.

One of the Regimes top 20%ers, cleric Ahmad Khatami's announcement lends heavy despotic weight and talks plainly to kids - in a language they can easily understand. The regime desperately wants to dial in ancient days on the way back machine. Explaining that all mullahs in the Islamic Republic desire the very same
"Our people want their women to be able to go in the streets with respect and want their dignity to be protected, Our people want the society to be morally clean."
Only prob - "Our people" means the Mullahs. In their 'clean society' concepts are not easily upgraded to the New Millenial standards of free choice. The Mullah's clean society is a medievel society that sometimes considers concepts like shame and honor so dear (note these dear concepts often seem to be between the legs of their daughters, sisters, nieces and girl cousins).

In an illegitimate theocratic regime like Iran's, their particular brand of Sha Ria, alas, is as unpopular as any law, tradition or time honored practice tends to crush the human spirit. And when spirit crushing is in demand - break out the secret police.

Newly appointed Police Chief Brigadier-General Ahmad Reza Radan is no stranger to crisis or extremeis. As a young Revo Guard commander in the Iran Iraq war he's dealt with the human spirit and young people too.

Using 1000's of "Besiji's" - essentially teenage boys - many volunteered by their families to fight at the front as a Martyr's Battalion - Radan saw 1st hand the very creative use of human wave attacks when the Armies of the Ayatollah drove the Iraqis out of Iran and began payback counteroffensives that beseiged Basra for nearly six years. Despite the utmost in faith, tons of plastic keys to the gates of paradise and some of the very first duct tape Red China built - multi groups of boys bound together tended to have the same horrific failed effect when pitted against entrenched machine guns, mustard gas and fixed machine gun kill zones.

Even faithful Guard Commanders and their NCO's might suffer a slip of faith now an then. The waste of lives for gains measured in yards weighed heavily on a younger comrade who openly asked why Allah would allow such carnage among faithful children armed only with a plastic key and unlimited faith in Ayatollah Khomeini. Radan's answer was quite esoteric:
"How do you know Allah doesn't require these measures?"
Recently at one of the regimes fake "Police Fairs" Radan was available for questions by concerned citizens about Police crackdowns on music, dress codes and essentially unIslamic activity. One of the reporters of ISNA (Iranian Students News Agency) was brave enough (hasn't been heard from since Oct.) to quiz the General about a conversation cops and a girl which he had recorded a few days ago. Here are some parts of the conversation. (The girl is arrested in her car with her date.)
Police officer: Allah has sent me to arrest you and prevent a crime.
Girl: What are you talking about? What crime?
Police officer: You have sat together at this unusual time, inside a dark car, in a deserted area of the city.
Girl: Is it our CRIME? Allah has sent you for this?
Police officer: yeah, Allah knows if I wasn't here on time what a scandal could happen to your family.
Girl: It is not deserted here. There are many people there in the park and so may cars pass by here.
Police officer: I don’t know. I just know Allah has sent me…
ISNA then asked Radan about the admittedly unIslamic concepts of civil rights and if cops should treat people like this.

Radan's answering question was quite esoteric
"How do you know that officer was not sent by Allah?"
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