Thursday, December 13, 2007

Britain Surrenders

I'm sure all of my Brit friends have had a bad day if they've kept abreast at the news. No one I've talked to actually believed that Britain would actually sign the EU Treaty, but they have done it. The EU is becoming a country, slowly but surely; this is the latest step in depriving the citizens of the countries of Europe of their ability to govern their lands.
FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband signed the hated EU treaty - hours before Prime Minister Gordon Brown arrived in Lisbon.

Due to the PM's delayed arrival, Mr Miliband was the only foreign minister to attend the televised ceremony alone, amid a stream of prime ministers and presidents from the other 26 EU states.

Mr Brown also later signed the document in a low key ceremony.

The news will be a blow to the country's voters - The Sun's EU petition has received 28,000 votes saying no to the Treaty.

Today’s ceremony took place in the beautiful surroundings of Lisbon's 500-year-old Jeronimos Monastery.
The warning was issued to the PM last night as he prepared to wave the white flag over our right to make our own laws.

It emerged tens of thousands of foreigners facing the boot from the UK will be winners.

They will get new rights to overturn decisions by Britain’s Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

It means failed asylum seekers will be free to take their cases to the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg — giving the final say to unelected EU judges.
The Sun
As I said, first step. Now that the countries of Europe have NO border control, there basically are no borders.

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