Monday, December 3, 2007


I am withdrawing TDR from BP.

James and I talked of this quite a while back, nothing changed since the talk so I'm out.

The people in BP are great, but as a group, they don't do what I feel they should (notice I said I feel, so that's not necessarily a knock on them) and to me it is simply another blogroll. They have perceptions that they are more, but they (to me) don't follow through.

Traffic is atrocious considering I may get 1 visit per DAY from a BP member. I realize that all BP members seem to have decided to put everyone on a reader and do it that way, but that wasn't the intent that I was told at the beginning.

Commenting: well you can tell, I don't get a lot of comments from anyone, much less BP :) (I don't comment much either, so I'm no better).

Philosophy/politics: The BP group claims and tries to be non-political and does a somewhat good job of it. Yet everytime there is someone up for entry, the thought process is that we need more of {insert whatever here} to 'round it out'. The claim is that there are too many 'right' blogs and not enough 'left', also too many men, not enough women, etc. Yet this group wants to be non-political and yet follow the liberal policy of diversity. It is impossible to actually vote no on a new member without hearing about it (unless of course the new member is 'racist' or somesuch) and only 15 or so out of 70 actually participate..

Note: this is a knock on BP itself, not the individual bloggers in it; most of them I enjoy reading and visit as often as possible; some I don't visit at all, but that is for personal reasons.

I hope they have a wonderful time with BP and I hope it one day becomes what they want it to, if they actually figure that part out :)

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