Wednesday, November 14, 2007

San Francisco, Mexico

Can we start the process of annexing SF to Mexico yet

?(11-13) 15:56 PST San Francisco - -- The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to
issue municipal identification cards to city residents - regardless of whether
they are in the country legally - and to double the amount of public money
available to candidates running for supervisor.

Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who authored the ID card legislation, said the program is a smart public safety measure because it would make residents living on the social margins of San Francisco more likely to seek the help of police and could give them more access to banking services.

"People are afraid to report crimes," Ammiano said, referring to illegal immigrants who avoid local law enforcement authorities over fear of being arrested or deported by federal immigration officials. [link]

'Smart' legislation to help ILLEGAL immigrants get police help (the border is south) and access to banking... That's awfully nice of the scumbagsupervisor isn't it? Of course you knew that the kooks would have to one-up Spitzer's plan to get all illegals driver's licenses (even Spitzer has given up now), I wonder if this plan will carry the same backlash as that did [this is Cali, so doubtful].

With the blatant disrespect for the country, it's laws, it's values and it's people; San Francisco once again shows it is on the cutting edge of insanity. The main reason ILLEGALS are not reporting crime is because it doesn't make sense for a CRIMINAL to report illegal activity and get involved with the police. I would like to think that this ID card is the first step to finding the ILLEGALS and removing them from US soil; of course I'd like to think that the lottery is going to pick me to win (without a ticket even) but wishes don't always come true.

Now Folsom can have it's annual S&MDeviantFreakGay Pride festival with an Illegal float, at least there's something to look forward to heh. [h/t drudge]

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