Thursday, November 8, 2007


And that’s the problem. After nearly 10 billion bucks in cash from the Great Satan and 6 years of nothing but love - Pakistan is coming apart. Martial Law, media blackout,
independent judiciary under house arrests. A true Military government with a military crackdown on everyone except, well, the new improved Super Villian Caliphate. What the heck is going on?

Imported Al Qaeda Talibanish pocket caliphates developing abilities and tactics, targetable leaders and a surging offensive rolling up Pakistans Federal Tribal areas.

While comparisons to the Shah of Iran back in the Pre Islamic Republic days exist, perhaps the Philippines are a better example. Long ago, an essential sovereign ally of the Great Satan was ruled by a simularly ineffective leader. Maintaining power required traditional remedy’s: faux elections, unfree media and the secret police.

In the Philippines - the Great Satan was at her best. Refusing to confer legitimacy (thanks in large part to a Straussian purest by the name of Paul Wolfowitz), America forsake General Marcos, his 1st Lady’s 20K shoe collection and allowed the Philippines a choice.

As Great Britain once defined

Read the whole post. GSGF goes into detail (with lots of links for the clicky reader) on the current Pakistan situation and some history on the Philippines in a similar time. GSGF and I had this discussion (through messages) for the past couple of days. I’m not sure if she’s changed her mind about Mushie being the best hope for Pakistan or not; but I continue to think the only way we get back to democracy there is for Bhutto to take control through elections.

Musharraf has promised elections now in mid-February instead of January but at least they are being scheduled. Now we’ll have to see if he follows through and also if he steps down as head of the military (another pre-requisite). If he does and the elections are open and fair, I expect this episode to go away, if not, we could be looking at a severely hampered nuclear country with several groups in power (geologically) and that wouldn’t be good for anyone in the region (hello India).

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