Monday, November 5, 2007


Hillary is attempting to play to the AlGore! crowd now:

While higher fuel effecieny standards and lower emissions are good, the way to go about it is with R&D first and then to start in on the people that don't jump on board AFTER you get the science. Global warming (like global cooling circa. 1975) will fade, but the policies that any of the Democrats would enact would be with us long after the crisis was over.

If the Democrats truly want to help the US get over foreign oil, they should support domestic oil production. ANWAR and off-coast drilling, new explorations and R&D for the removal of oil from shale; all oil that could be brought into refineries without any dollars going to the mad mullahs (or Hugo). Of course if they were serious about the dependency, they would have thought of this already. The 'green' flap you hear is simply pandering for votes.

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