Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sen. Craig Resigns

Top story on Yahoo is about Sen. Craig (R-Idaho) resigning after the sex 'sting' in the airport bathroom:
GOP Sen. Craig resigns over sex sting

By JOHN MILLER and MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press Writers 16 minutes ago

BOISE, Idaho - Idaho Sen. Larry Craig resigned Saturday over a men's room sex sting, bowing to pressure from fellow Republicans worried about a scandal dimming their election prospects.

"I apologize for what I have caused. I am deeply sorry," Craig said, his wife Suzanne at his side.

Craig's resignation completed a stunning downfall that began Monday with the disclosure that he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge following his arrest during a sex sting in a Minneapolis airport men's room.

Although leading members of his own party had called for him to step down, Craig steadfastly resisted resigning for days, contending he had done nothing wrong and that his only mistake was pleading guilty Aug. 1 to a misdemeanor charge.(link)
I've read all kind of 'tolerant' people heaping mounds of ridicule on this man, from right-wing people to lefty liberals and their agenda of inclusion. From what I've read (and the audio of the 'arrest') the Senator didn't do much that would be considered illegal. Yes he pled guilty to a misdemeanor, but this small fine has now cost him his job.

I don't really want to get into the Democrats vs Republicans on scandals, but I do want to talk about how they respectively handle them. The Dems will rally around their troublemaker and take a stand, 9 times out of 10 this gets the person off the hook (so to speak) and they continue to serve. The Repubs will circle like sharks in the water and attack. They force resignations at a whim to avoid looking 'bad' in the public (and end up looking bad all the same).

While I personally believe homosexuality is a sin and against G-d, that gives me no right to judge someone for what they believe or do. Had Sen. Craig been caught having sex in a public place, maybe I would feel different about this issue, but he was not. He was caught 'proposing' to have sex, something that happens every minute of every day from schools to bars to public transportation. When that becomes illegal, this country truly will die.


EvilMidniteBombr said...

I'm not 100% sure how to react to this guy. I guess the thing for me is that I am sure that he did anything that should be illegal. Rude? Yes. Sick? Yes. Disgusting? HELL Yes! I don't like using public restrooms for their intended purpose. If for damn sure am not going to scrog in one.

Another thing, if I were dropping the kids off at the pool and some jackass starts peeking in at me, trying to play footsie with me, or sticking his hands in my stall, he would have a lot more to worry about than the police.

One last thing. I saw this on a message board and thought it was extremely fitting.

Lord Nazh said...

You miss part of the point EMB, the cop led him on to do the rest after the initial 'toe-tap'. It's like a code that if not followed, then the person leaves be and continues on. So this probably doesn't happen to any normal person.

The only reason it went as far as it did is because the policeman followed the form of the encounter.

Still, no matter what, shouldn't be anything illegal until something happens.

Funny how people got upset because we want to track the movements of a person who says they are a pedophile and will hurt little girls, yet these same people have no problems arresting someone and forcing them to resign because of less intent than the known pedo.

EvilMidniteBombr said...

"I guess the thing for me is that I am sure that he did anything that should be illegal."

That should have read I am NOT sure that he did anything that should be illegal. Tapping your foot or peeping into a stall is not something in and of itself that should warrant an arrest. Talk to him, ask him questions, etc. But arrest? Not so much.

I understand that the cop and Craig went through all the motions of setting up an encounter. But nothing was actually acted upon. Where is the crime?

Now, I do believe that his intent was to get some man love. Otherwise, why would he have plead guilty and paid the fine? If I were in that situation and had absolutely no intent on doing the deed, I for damn sure wouldn't plead guilty to it. If you ask me, yeah, he was guilty.


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