Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Post of the Day

To follow up from the Quote of the day post, here's basically a response (although it wasn't written in response to her):
I legally carry a concealed handgun on a daily basis. I don’t take my decision to carry lightly.

I’m not a police officer, a private investigator, a bail bondsman or a bounty hunter. I don’t deal with criminals on a daily or professional basis. I’m just an ordinary guy.

I don’t carry merely because it’s my right, although I’m within my rights to do so and I also believe that any right not exercised is a right in danger of being lost.

I don’t carry just because I enjoy firearms and shooting sports, although I do.

I don’t carry because I frequent “bad” areas of town, although in this day and age, any area of town can be “bad” at times. Crime can and does happen when you least expect it. [link]
Read the rest of the post, it is a good post on the reasons to carry a firearm (when legally permitted).


Buffalo said...

Legally, not so legally, as a cop told me, "It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6."

(This was well before my state allowed carry permits and I did work some mean areas.)

mike said...

Hey, thanks for the link to Cigar Intel. Glad you enjoyed my little essay!

Lord Nazh said...

Very true buff, I've heard the same advice more than once (especially when I worked in a pawn shop).

Mike: No problem, I thought it was a great post (essay) :)


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