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From living room furniture to the beds and the tables that go elsewhere, everything should follow a theme. The bathrooms cannot be classic if the rest of the house including the flooring as well as the furniture is contemporary. Minor features like candles etc can be adjusted somehow.

Power Outages Accompany Sweltering Temperatures
'Four Days Straight' Of Record Consumption Leads To Blackouts

LOS ANGELES -- Scattered power outages linked to near-record heat and record-setting demand have blacked out various neighborhoods across the city Saturday.

As of mid-afternoon, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power estimated that 5,700 customers, both businesses and residences, were without air conditioners or refrigerators at some point during the afternoon, in temperatures above 90 degrees.

Neighborhoods that were affected by the scattered problems included Mount Olympus, Silver Lake, Koreatown, Highland Park, Cypress Park, Eagle Rock and Atwater Village. {emp. mine-LN}
Four days of above 90 and they have blackouts. We went 7 days above 100 with none. The energy production in the west is abyssmal at best and criminal at worst.

In the Tennessee Valley region we had 5 (I think) straight days with over 33,000 Megawatts of output (high point output) without any problems (until fire on a transformer knocked out a 500kV line and caused a plant to shut down a unit for safety reasons and a transformer problem in north Alabama caused a blackout to parts of a city, no 'production' blackouts). The deregulation of the energy industry in California was a bold move when it occurred but people are still paying for it.

Competition is great, but only if there are enough people to supply the demand needed.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Gosh, a worse situation than here! We are on a rota and it's supposed to work so that no one is without power, all over Italy, for more than 1.5 hours a day. But when the heat is extreme and everyone switches on the air cond., there are blackouts in big cities.

Lord Nazh said...

no one is without power for more than 1.5 hours...

here (in the southeast) we're on a power schedule, where no one is without power...period ;)

BlacquesJacquesShellacques said...

Ah, socialism, rapidly reintegrating he first world into the third.

Lord Nazh said...

Just like communism BJS, if you can't bring the poor up to the rich, then bring the rich down to the poor :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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