Friday, September 7, 2007

Club for Growth on Fred


Senator Thompson's eight-year record in the U.S. Senate demonstrates an admirable commitment to limited government and free-market principles. His record on entitlement reform and school choice is excellent, while his support for lower taxes and free trade is very good. On Social Security reform in particular, Thompson courageously supported personal accounts at a time when few politicians were willing to risk their necks taking on the third rail of American politics.

His record on spending (save the occasional pork project) is generally impressive, as demonstrated by his votes to restrict the growth and reach of the federal government. On regulation, too, Thompson voted generally against government intrusion in the private sector. Many Republican politicians talk about limited government and the principle of federalism but Thompson exemplified those ideas, often voting against bills that would have made it easy for a political opponent to paint him in a negative light.

While this strong federalist philosophy casts a redemptive light on his opposition to tort reform, it does not fully excuse or explain a number of his votes. His persistent federalism also makes his role in the passage of McCain-Feingold all the more disappointing. It is difficult to reconcile Thompson's fervent belief in a limited government with his enthusiasm for increasing government regulation on political speech. Thompson has never adequately addressed this contradiction and will have to do so. His recent doubts over the legislation's efficacy are encouraging, least of all because all politicians make mistakes, and rare are those willing to admit their own.[link]
The above summation is from the Club for Growth (limited government, pro-growth, anti-tax organization) on Sen. Fred Thompson. His record (on subjects important to the club) is spread out and talked about with a 'white paper' pdf at the link also. Good read and good summary of the political career (Senate) of Fred.

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James Higham said...

Yes, he also did a sterling job for the CFR and is their boy on the GOP - best of luck to him.

James Shott said...

I am cautiously optimistic about Thompson. He seems to have solid conservative values and principles, but I just don't know if he has the political experience to win the nomination.

I'd love to see Gingrich in the race. He's not popular with many people, but he is the most solidly conservative Republican that I can think of, he's brilliant, and he has a no-BS approach, but doesn't get down in the gutter in his analysis and criticism.

After those two, the conservatives don't have a viable candidate.

By the way, LN, I had some difficulty getting this comment to post.

Lord Nazh said...

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