Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The NY city skyline pre-9/11:

A tribute to a time now dead; when Democrats were anti-Republican, but pro-American. A time when national security was something thrown into a debate simply to highlight a weakness, not something that would make or break a race for office.

A time when my only concerns in life were to my wife and upcoming child (daughter was born in Dec. '01). When muslims were only thought of in passing by most, and not at all by some. A time when the country was still reeling over the difficulties of Floridians in picking a Presidential candidate and the Supreme Court decision that it lead to.

A time when the world was somewhere else and rarely intruded upon the lives of the simple folk of this great land. A time of naive innocence.

All this changed in one brief, yet agonizingly long, morning in September of 2001. On that day, 19 murderers, enemies of the U.S. and all it holds dear, successfully launched an attack on the very heart of the American Dream. On that day, approximately 3,000 citizens were lost in the first major battle in a war that most did not know existed and still will not acknowledge.

No matter what side of the red/blue divide you are on; no matter where you stand in the creation vs. evolution debates; no matter what your view of the Israel/Palestinean conflict is; this day is a day to remember those that were killed in the name of Islam.

This is the day to say to your children that the U.S. will NOT back down; will NOT lightly lose 3,000 of it's precious peoples. On this day, 6 years ago, the country became one like it has only a few times in the history of this great land. That should be remembered ... and mourned.

With so many of our 'great' leaders so quick to make cheap the sacrificies of the nation, the people and specifically the ones who died; take time out to tell your loved ones, your neighbors, your friends, exactly what they mean to you. Treat them with the respect and kindness that you would want to be treated with and NEVER let them forget who the real enemy is.

~Lord Nazh [I'll never forget!]

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Ms Smack said...

Thanks for the heads-up to a beautiful post. Really lovely. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news?

I was in bed, it was about 5 am, and a friend from Chicago rang me. He said 'quick! Get out of bed and turn your television on. We're gonna go to fucking war over this!"

I sat in my nightie on that day, talking on the phone with him for hours crying like a twat watching the horrific footage that will stay with me for an eternity.

Lord Nazh said...

I remember EXACTLY what I was doing, where I was at, what I was thinking, etc.

I never will forget the moment that we (the radio announcers) and I realized that it was not an accident. My work the rest of the day was less than satisfactory; it felt almost sacreligious to continue at work when I felt I should be at home with my family, even though not one of my blood was in NY at that time.

aussie Bruce said...

Sad sad day. I also will never forget, never forgive...

James Higham said...

As you were commenting at my site, m'lord, I was posting this [and then Blogger went down]:


This day will be remembered and I'm going to run it as a topic with the girls today.

jmb said...

This incident is etched in brains all around the globe. None who saw the TV coverage will ever forget. Citizens of 115 different countries were lost in this senseless incident, innocent victims all.
We share your sorrow today.

CalumCarr said...

Yes, a time to remember.

But your tribute falls lower than it should because, rather than simply remembering, you play politics. Unnecessary today.

Lord Nazh said...

Calum: My tribute is my thoughts, my thoughts were political in some sense.

Gracchi said...

MiLord yes I remember September 11th and so ought everyone. Those 3,000 people ought to be alive today- and save for a homocidal maniac using an extreme version of Islam to justify his criminal endeavours they would be.

But I am afraid that Democrats are as much patriots as Republicans are- indeed given that New York historically is a city which votes Democrat, many of those inside and many of their families outside vote or voted for a party whose patriotism you have just impugned. Criticising the strategy that George Bush has followed since September 11th is not being anti-American- many of your closest allies who care deeply about the United States are not happy with his policies- anti-Americanism is very different from that.

But yes today is a day to remember the victims- but not please to turn their suffering into a point scored for an incompetent administration.

EvilMidniteBombr said...

I remember exactly what I was doing on this day 6 years ago. That's really good for me, considering I can't remember 6 minutes ago. My wife just found out that she was pregnant with our first child. I was out driving my delivery route. When I heard the news that morning on the radio. I had stopped at a convenient store to watch the news just after the second tower was hit. It just so happened that I ran into a cousin at that store. Where he asked how my family was doing. It was then that it struck me that my brother and his wife lived in New Jersey and work in Manhattan. They had just gotten married on Labor Day weekend. I couldn't remember if they were back at home or flying that day. Because of all the busy circuits and damage to infrastructure it took all day long before we could contact them. Luckily they were safe.

Please remember the 343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 NYPD officers and 37 Port Authority officers that died that day saving thousands of lives. They are true heros.

Michael said...

"when Democrats were anti-Republican, but pro-American"

What an awful thing to say. I agree with the rest of your post, but this simply ruins it. The vast majority of Democrats supported the invasion of Afghanistan, and a sizable number the invasion of Iraq (which ended up having little to do with 9/11). Comments like this play into the terrorists' hands by dividing us when we should be united. You can criticize the government without being called a traitor!

Lord Nazh said...

I'm sure all the terrorists reading my site will understand where I come from Michael.

Truth is truth, since this is my post on the remembrance of 9/11, it is my thoughts that go into the post.

This isn't meant to be a politically correct observance, it is my thoughts on the differences between then and now. In my thoughts (and lots of others) the left is anti-American now, not just anti-Bush. Right or wrong, that doesn't change my thoughts or their actions.

Gracchi said...

Well to be honest Lord N if those are your thoughts you are just wrong. There is as much warrent for saying the right is anti-American as saying the left is. Afterall it isn't the left that is removing American freedoms to trial by jury etc. It isn't the left that passed the deeply unpatriotic Patriot Act. Nor is it the left that let the Taliban regroup in Southern Afghanistan. You might say that there are explanatory factors to all these decisions and there are- but you don't want to look at explanations on the left- so I won't on the right. By the record I've just advanced its the right that are anti-American not the left.

Lord Nazh said...

Americans have lost the right to trial-by-jury? You'll have to point that one out.

My thoughts aren't wrong as they are thoughts and as such aren't right or wrong, they are simply MINE.

It seems there were 2 sides that voted to adopt the Patriot Act (again, you'll have to point out the 'unpatriotic' parts to it).

NATO let the Taliban regroup in S. Afghanistan, not the left or the right.

EvilMidniteBombr said...

The way I see it. This is Nazh's blog and he is free to write as he sees fit. I agree with him. The leaders of Democrat party in this country have given aid to the enemies of freedom. Both in their actions and words. Debate and disagreement with the President and the Republicans is all fine and good. Especially when it is done in the proper forum. But when Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton & Clinton, Edwards, Finegold (sp?), Reed, Gore, and other high ranking Democrats are on NATIONAL TELEVISION calling the President a liar, speaking against our troops, and calling for our retreat is simply aiding the enemy. In my opinion that is treason. Plain and simple.

CalumCarr said...



No-one wants to stop you having your thoughts or posting your thoughts but hiding behind the following statement when challenged ill-becomes you:
"My thoughts aren't wrong as they are thoughts and as such aren't right or wrong, they are simply MINE."

On this basis if I were to say that "I think Lord Nazh is a woman terrorist in Al Qaeda" then this thought is neither right nor wrong but just my thought. Hogwash!!

The thought is mine but the opinion expressed is factually incorrect.

Today is for all, regardless of politics, to remember.

Ruthie said...

A lovely tribute, LN.

I was a junior in high school, walking into my second class of the day.

Lord Nazh said...

I guess today is for all, except me?

If you don't like my thoughts, don't like them :)

and exactly how am I 'hiding' behind that statement? I thought the statement explained it pretty well. There are THOUSANDS of examples of anti-american sentiment from the Democrats in Congress and the lefty blogosphere. You don't have to agree with anything I write and I know you aren't trying to make me stop writing what I want to, I never said you were.

What I write ultimately is what I think. I think (most of) the Democrats are trying to lose in Iraq to win political points, I think that (most of) the lefty blogs are in favor of retreat because they Hate W, these are things I think; you can disagree with me, but you'll have to come up with a good reason to change my thought.

Lord Nazh said...

Gotta goto bed guys, EMB and Thai can chat with you :)

On midnights this week.

Ruthie: thanks

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

A wonderful post, LN. None of us should ever forget that fateful, terrible day and my thoughts are with you and all Americans on this anniversary.

James Shott said...

Great post, LN. I am pondering the phenomenon myself of how little significance too many Americans place on this event.

I hope you don't mind if I link to it.

James Shott said...

I think you are on solid ground asserting that the Democrats'/liberals' attitude toward George Bush, Iraq, and the War on Terror is anti-American.

The Left is in heavy denial over its own desertion of American unity in the face of a determined and deadly enemy.

Their own political priorities trump any patriotic impulse to show to the world a "this is my country" face as we struggle to defeat Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.

Political Umpire said...

If 160,000 US troops had gone to southern afgh, not Iraq, OBL would be in several million pieces not trimming his beard. Instead they went off on an unrelated folly, IMHO.

Lord Nazh said...

PU: Tora Bora isn't in southern Afghanistan :) but I see your point.

I wish we had sent more to Afghan to begin with also, but I have no problem with the decision to take Iraq out. Taking out OBL is a thing that needs done, but won't actually change anything.

Yes I'd like to take him out myself ;) but politically, we'd be in the same situation regardless of if he got his in those caves or didn't.

JS: Thanks

Michael said...

"high ranking Democrats are on NATIONAL TELEVISION calling the President a liar"

Mustn't criticize the LEADER!

I can't think of a more anti-American sentiment.

Lord Nazh said...

Finish the quote Michael, show it for the sentence it was. He didn't call them out for simply that.

Seems to be quite a lot of you 'left-leaning' people that assume I called anyone a traitor, or specifically talked down about anyone. Re-read what I wrote, you will not find me calling anyone such a thing and I did not (although I easily could have) name names in my post.

Democrats (right or wrong) are considered (by most Republicans/Conservatives and some libertarians) as being ANTI-AMERICAN in their actions, their rhetoric and their goals.

count said...

Excellent Post Some people don't get it, never well.

Lord Nazh said...

Thanks Count, and thanks for stopping by.

EvilMidniteBombr said...

""high ranking Democrats are on NATIONAL TELEVISION calling the President a liar"

Mustn't criticize the LEADER!

I can't think of a more anti-American sentiment."

Oh really? Can't think of a more anti-American sentiment? Here. How about Dennis Kucinich in SYRIA meeting with their President and on Syrian TV running down our President and military. http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=kucinich+AND+syria
This is unbelievable to me.

Witchfinder General said...

Good post.
A date which will live in infamy.

Liz said...

Great post, Lord N. A shame so many of the comments veered away from what was your intention of simply remembering the dead.

Kizzie said...

great post!
I really can't believe its been 6 years, I still remember watchching it on tv. I took me a while to understand what was going on really.
I will never forgive anyone who committed such atrocities in my name and in the name of my religion.


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