Sunday, August 5, 2007

Network and Fishing

Apologies to all the people that I haven't visited this weekend, I attempted to play in the bar scene :)

Friday night I went to a bar/club near my home, never been there before so I immediately went into 'network' mode. There was only 15-25 people present so I followed the basic rules to the bar/club scene in locations that you may become a regular at. I made friends with the owner, owner's son, bartenders, waittresses, bouncers, band, etc. These connections are the most important, as they will ultimately get you out of trouble before you get into it (as well as special invites, etc.). It was a decent night, nothing to write home about and I accomplished my goal. (note: I am a very friendly person [in person] and make friends very easily)

Saturday night I went back, the place was much better. Couple hundred people, better atmosphere and still free pool :) I surveyed the situation and decided to test my luck. I spotted a nice little school of fish and threw in my line, suprisingly taking a bite on the first cast. I reeled it in and noticed that I got the middle fish in a 5 fish school (2 better fish out there, 2 worse) and decided that was a good cast and set my hook.

At this point I noticed that, while this fish was a keeper in all aspects, there was already another hook in it. Back in the day, possesion would have been the determining factor, but as I've moved off of sport fishing and into keepers, I knew I would have to put this one back (catch and release if you will).

My hook was much deeper than I thought on my initial inspection and it took a good long while to remove it; during this time others had netted the remaining fish and I was left to go home with no supper or even a trophy to show for it.

I hope all your weekends were good ones and I'll try again later :)

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