Sunday, July 1, 2007

Racism goes both ways?

Federal judge rules in favor of Noxubee County white voters

File photo/The Clarion-Ledger
Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee Chairman Ike Brown talks outside the Federal Courthouse in Jackson in this file photo.
The voting rights of white voters in majority black Noxubee County were violated, according to a ruling handed down today.

The Justice Department had alleged the Noxubee County Democratic Party, its chairman Ike Brown and the county Election Commission practiced racial discrimination against white voters and candidates.

The attorneys for Democratic Executive Committee and Brown have said the government failed to prove there exists a procedure or structure that denies equal opportunity to white Noxubee County voters .
The Justice Department has called the situation in Noxubee County "the most extreme case of racial exclusion seen by the (department's) Voting Section in decades."

A two-week trial was held in January before Judge Tom Lee in U.S. District Court in Jackson. The trial centered primarily on voting during the 2003 Democratic party primary election and runoff.(link)

As most of you know, I am against ANY discrimination, yet most of the people to my left feel that there cannot be discrimination unless a minority is on the wrong end of the charge. Racism is the same way (in that it is bad either way and that hardly anyone thinks it can go both ways). It is wrong to purposefully discriminate ANYONE based on their race; just as it should be considered wrong to 'hate' them or talk bad about them just because of their race, NO MATTER which race they happen to be.

It is for this reason that I vehemently oppose Affirmative Action. How is it possible that people feel justified in discriminating against someone (anyone) to 'make-up' for past discrimination? This kind of thinking escapes me and for that I'm very glad.

Love me or hate me, disagree to your heart's content, but don't try to tell me that wrong is right because the wronged party is not a minority.
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