Saturday, May 5, 2007

Violence ?

I thought Royal (France) was simply a socialists:

Talk Is Of War In French Election Battle

The right-wing French presidential frontrunner Nicolas Sarkozy has attacked Socialist rival Segolene Royal for making "warlike" remarks that his election in a run-off ballot on Sunday could trigger riots.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal
Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal

In an interview released by Le Parisien daily on its Website, Sarkozy said such comments were anti-democratic and a sign of desperation by Royal.

She was trailing Sarkozy by 10 points in the last pre-vote polls.

All campaigning has ended before Sunday's vote because French election rules ensure voters a "day of reflection" before the ballot.

Sarkozy dismissed talk of rioting in France's tinderbox suburbs should he win the presidency.

"To explain that if people don't vote for one candidate there will be violence is quite simply to refuse the democratic and republican expression of opinion," he said. (link)

That sounds more like a dictator making a campaign speech to me. It also sounds alot like some people I know (no names, but if you have to ask, you wouldn't like me naming them anyway). It is utterly amazing that she would know exactly what the 'youths' will do if/when she loses. You would think she has a direct connection to them.
Reason to go Sarko

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