Monday, May 14, 2007

Palestinian Terror Watch

What's the quickest way to get terrorists to commit violence? Issue a cease-fire:
Earlier, sources in President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah said tensions stoked by the renewed violence with Hamas, after the ceasefire was announced late on Sunday, could lead to the collapse of the unity government within days.

Is anyone out there suprised? You can have all the cease-fires and truces you want, but until the people actually adhere to them, they don't mean anything. These are the same people that launch rockets into Israel daily and claim that Israel doesn't want peace or that Israel breaks cease-fires. Along with the media doing the reporting, these people are the sole reason there is not peace in the Holy Land.
Despite an Egyptian-brokered truce, two Palestinian gunmen and two civilians caught in crossfire were killed in Gaza in clashes between the Hamas and Fatah groups. Eight people have been shot dead since a new round of violence erupted on Friday.

Slow weekend in the latest 'truce' in the Palestinian-controlled territories. Eight is usually a good one day total for these barbarians. I guess if you can't get to the evil Jews (TM) then you have to shoot at someone.

"I told all parties I cannot accept being a minister without authority," Interior Minister Hani al-Qawasmi said at a news conference after Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, accepted his resignation.

As Hamas's choice as interior minister, Qawasmi was to have overseen security services, but officials said the former academic was frustrated by competition from powerful Fatah rivals for control of the armed contingents.

Just what authority Mister Qawasmi thought he may have when he signed up we'll never know, it's not like the situation has changed any since the 'new' goverment has been put into place.
Qawasmi's move cast new doubt on whether power-sharing between Islamist Hamas and secular Fatah could continue. Filling the interior ministry post had been one of the main obstacles to forming the current coalition government.

Let me answer that one for you. There is no 'new' doubt on this, there is the same old doubt and certainty that it will not happen. Hamas is incapable of running a government and Fatah is only 'moderate' in comparison. When you have to choose between two poisonous snakes, you pick the one that kills you slower.

Until the people (you know those lovable 'palestinians' that we shed so many tears for) finally get tired of being governed by a group (or 3) of terrorists, these problems will not only not go away, they will intensify. If there ever was a 'country' in the world in need of revolution, this is it.
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