Monday, April 2, 2007

I was going to wait until I went home to post again (hoping maybe Thai would post) but seems I'll be here another day. My little one has strep so we are staying another night (she missed school today so we just stayed here).

My trip home from vacation was mostly uneventful. It started raining about 40 miles from the interstate and rained the first 112 miles I was on there. I stopped at exit 77 and ate at 'The Old Timers Restaurant'. Not sure what the name of the town is, but if you are ever that way, stop and eat. It was great food and very friendly and nice service.

It rained briefly in Montgomery too, but after that it was smooth sailing. I did goto the beach Sunday morning and get some shells for lil bit, but I didn't get a chance to go by PBR and check it out. I had planned on going by there Sunday morning, but the rain and the way I was feeling put a damper on that.

Hopefully next time I can visit there and maybe all the PBR people won't flake on us :)

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