Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Update: It is being reported that this was a hoax (sort of April Fool's just on the wrong day). Not sure if it is or not, but there are lots of people covering it.

Global warming climate change laws, are they really for the environment?

BRUSSELS, April 3 (RIA Novosti) - The government of Belgium's French-speaking region of Wallonia, which has a population of about 4 million, has approved a tax on barbequing, local media reported.

Experts said that between 50 and 100 grams of CO2, a so-called greenhouse gas, is emitted during barbequing. Beginning June 2007, residents of Wallonia will have to pay 20 euros for a grilling session.

The local authorities plan to monitor compliance with the new tax legislation from helicopters, whose thermal sensors will detect burning grills.

Scientists believe CO2 emissions are a major cause of global warming. (link)

I wonder how many burning grills they'll have to find before they can 'offset' the use of the choppers for it? Climate change proponents (if they truly believe what they preach) should worry about cases like this. Not only is the 'science' of your movement under heavy scrutiny (and it doesn't stand up all that well to some of it); it is also very bad when a known CCP country makes a law as blatant as this one.

If it was simply about the environment, at least the helicopters would run on water or something, no?
Reason for doubt

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