Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Traitors !!! or Misguided???

I think I'm just about done with;

1.) liberals complaining that the Right is questioning their Patriotism when it comes to the War and combating Terrorism.

2.) people on the Right reflexively stating that we're not questioning their Patriotism, we're questioning their judgement.

Now, by-and-large I really do try to question the person's judgement instead of their underlying motives.

BUT ...

I think the past year (and recent events such as this weekend) have gradually started pushing me to question their Patriotism ( and to hell with their judgement) !!!

Case in point... Rosie O' Donnell

Rosie has been out there with many recent statements.

Here she laments Khalid Sheikh Muhammed (KSM) being robbed of his "humanity"

Check out HotAir's recap on this and her distortions.

She went nuclear on Elizabeth Hasselbeck because she (Hasslebeck) called KSM a "terrorist,".

Rosie O'Donnell said, and I quote...

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! You're going to rob him of his humanity now. You want to rob him of his humanity by calling him a terrorist."

Hmmm...the guy who planned the '93 WTC bombing and 9/11 - as well as Jose Padilla's mission - which all resulted in ( or attempted to result in) the deaths of thousands of innocent people (each of whom was robbed of more than just their "humanity"), is somehow just some innocent guy who was walking down Rodeo Drive and snatched up and "robbed of his humanity"?

Is she serious?? If it were left to just this comment I'd state that she was a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

In any other war these non-uniformed combatants would've been lined up and shot right there on the battlefield. For some reason Rosie thinks we should treat them like college students playing a prank instead of real killers trying to annihilate a nation.

But it gets better...

Apparently Rosie thinks 9/11 was an "inside job"...

So - its not a big leap to see where she's going with this. Apparently Pres. Bush ordered 9/11 in order to destroy WTC 7 and the files concerning Enron and WorldCom but to cover it up, we had to destroy the twin towers too.

Forget the fact that its impossible for 9/11 to be an inside job. Apparently her Bush-hatred has rendered her delusional. Or is she??

So - she thinks Bush ordered 9/11 and thinks we should be playing patty-cake with terrorists.

She has made repeated statements that Christianity is more dangerous than radical Islam.

She has repeatedly bad-mouthed this country in its war on terror even though, should we succumb to jihad, she'd be one of the first people executed by Al-Qaeda (for being homosexual).

Think I should still just be questioning her judgement?

I don't ... she is being politically calculating in her statements.

I no longer question her judgement. I am here and now...

Questioning her Patriotism.

You (dear reader) can do as you like. But I will no longer play the aforementioned "patriotism game" with Rosie.

Want some more patriots to fawn over?


There was a recent anti-war protest in D.C. this weekend. The moonbats had planned to start at the Vietnam War Memorial and then go from there. Well...at the last anti-war march in D.C. the moonbats defaced the Capitol steps with spray-paint. Fearing the defacement of the Vietnam Wall, a Gathering of Eagles was formed to protect it.

A nice write-up of the counter-protest is here;

Another is here;

Here's a nice write-up by the American Thinker;

My buddy who went tells me that the anti-war protestors kept riding the metro trains back to the beginning of the march to give the illusion of a larger crowd than really was. This makes sense since the US Capitol police no longer gives estimates on crowd size but the DC Metro authority is used to get an estimated crowd size by examining rider-ship for the day vs. an average (baseline) day.

Now - check out the mirror protest in Portland. I'm linking to Michelle Malkin's site to show some pics of it;

Check out the first pic of the kid with the "Death to America" sign. Then check out the second pic down where they are not only burning the US flag...but an American soldier in effigy.

So much for supporting the troops and not the mission...huh ?

The unmitigated gall to not only diss your country but also the men and women who make it possible to enjoy each day of freedom is beyond my comprehension.

Yup folks. I'm pretty much done with the Sheehan/Fonda anti-war crowd. I no longer question just their judgement. I question their patriotism. Their lack of judgement is just a by-product of their lack of patriotism.

Let me give you some background before going forward.

My brother served in Afghanistan.

I was scared each day that he was over there. My wife will attest that for the year he was in-country I didn't sleep but a few hours at a time. Sometimes I had nightmares where it was just me and him in a foxhole fighting hand-to-hand with Islamists. At one time I was actually swinging at the imaginary islamists in my sleep (according to my wife). Each day I'd pore over news in Afghanistan. One time, I had heard of a US helicopter going down near his base and killing all aboard. I then stayed up all night just to get news that he was ok (he was - but he had been on that helicopter just hours beforehand). When he came home I drove him to Walter Reed Hospital to get treatment for his arm and his neck which were injured on one of his last missions in-country. He has never complained that he had to go (he is a highly successful person with 3 degrees, making 6-figures at his current job but joined the National Guard to do his duty) and hasn't whispered a word to me about the fact that he has endured consistent pain for the past 18 months. In fact he just came home today after surgery to repair the problem with his neck. If his unit is called up to go to Iraq and his neck injury is healed enough, he will go with his unit (he is the company 1rst Sgt). He doesn't necessarily want to be away from his wife and family but he says that as long as he is physically able to do his job, there is no way he's letting "his guys" go over there without him. I know others in his unit who are of the same mind.

These are better men than the "people" above who call themselves "patriots".

On a larger point ... when did we lose our will to support our country as a force for good? When did the supposed "intellectuals" become self-loathing America-bashers?

A patriot to me is one who supports this country and wants to see it do well. Encouraging our defeat and encouraging our enemy are not patriotic in my opinion.

I hate to say this (as I've reached the point of ranting now)... but since I'm worked up, I'm going to state the jingoistic statement here...

"My country ... right or wrong."

I view this country as a force for Good. And I view our actions in the War on Terror will be held in a positive light in history's hindsight. And I will revel in the day when the Rose O-Donnell's and the Sheehan/Fonda's and their anti-war sycophants are held up in the same regard as Benedict Arnold, Tokyo Rose, et al.

Thank you and goodnight.

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