Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dems vote for surrender next year

In a surprise move (/sarc) the new Democrat(ic) majority touted their new plan for surrender. Taking an Emergency spending bill and adding enough pork to buy votes of more reluctant members.
Democrats tout plan to bring troops home

1 hour, 19 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The Democrats' plan to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq next year responds to voters' demand for change, New Hampshire Rep. Paul Hodes (news, bio, voting record) said Saturday.

Hodes and other House Democrats on Friday pushed through a rebuke of President Bush and the war in Iraq. Bush promised a veto of the spending bill, which demands combat operations end before September 2008 — and perhaps earlier.

"With our vote this week, we're helping our troops, protecting our veterans, and fighting to end the waste, fraud and abuse," said Hodes, delivering the Democrats' weekly radio address. "After four years of a failed policy, Democrats are insisting on a new direction in Iraq and a real plan that holds the Iraqi people accountable for their own country." (link) {emph. mine-LN}

I love the irony in a bill with 21 million in pork touting to end waste, fraud and abuse. The democrats have no spine, if they really want to respond to the voters' 'mandate' then they should pull funding now and end the war (a power they have); instead they think that might be a bad political move (how could they think that if they think the voters told them too?). Instead of focusing on non-binding resolutions and pork-filled funding resolutions, they should just do what the voters told them to.

Of course, the polls tell them what to do, every day. If the polls tell them to a non-binding resolution will be good, that's what they will do. If the polls said the war was a good thing, Pelosi would have a statement about the success of the surge. Hopefully before '08 these wind-blown politicians will be caught up in a tornado.
Feckle thy name is Democrat

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