Monday, January 15, 2007

Words for Peace

Seems that the Spanish have finally figured out a universal truth:

Zapatero admits 'clear mistake' in trying to negotiate with Eta

By Elizabeth Nash in Madrid

Published: 16 January 2007

Spain's Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has issued a remarkable apology for putting his faith in the peace process with Basque separatists, after a deadly car bombing that has caused outrage.

With Spain divided as never before over how to deal with armed Basque separatists following a bomb that killed two people in Madrid, shattering immediate hopes for peace, Mr Zapatero faced hostile opposition in his first parliamentary appearance since the blast. The premier admitted that he had made a "clear mistake" in his policy towards Eta.

"I want to recognise the clear mistake I made before the Spanish people, " he said in apparent recognition that he is now fighting for his political future. He was referring to his statement 24 hours before the bombing on 30 December that within a year Spain would be nearer an end to terrorism. "Eta, with its brutal attack, broke negotiations ... it chose the path of terror."

In 40 years of fighting Basque terrorism, no Spanish government has been harmed so badly by Eta's armed action as Mr Zapatero's since the attack at Madrid's Barajas airport. Yesterday's confrontation may signal the start of his political decline.

Mr Zapatero recognised the strength of feeling against him by proposing to establish a "great democratic national consensus ... to confront together the challenge of terrorism". He did not rule out future talks with Eta, but stressed: "There'll be no dialogue with violence: never, never."(link)

I highlighted that last line to show the truth they have discovered. Hard to believe that the man who's only path to victory in the election was dialogue with terrorists and pulling out of Iraq would make this statement. There's a big percentage of people that don't seem to believe him and I can't blame them. Spain (along with France and Germany) have talked to terrorists for years, they are paying for that now. Hopefully they will finally understand why they are called terrorists.

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Reason for hope?

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