Friday, January 26, 2007

My Plan

Everyone (except the democrats) has a plan, so here's my plan to fix the country.

Iraq: Educate people on what the surge (and the relaxing of the R.O.E) is really intended to do. Most people don't realize that 20k more troops in Baghdad effectively DOUBLES the presence there. They see 20k extra troop and simply add it to the total, not realizing there are only 18k or so in Baghdad now. (Probably because this is never hardly ever mentioned by the MSM)

Economy: Nothing, tell the government to keep it's paws off. The economy runs like a dream until politicians decide to fix it (minimum wage hikes, tax hikes)

ILLEGAL Immigration: Start enforcing 30 years of laws (hard I know, they're only laws) and erect the damn fence already :)

Now to the actual contry itself:

Disband all political parties. Let people run as actual people and make laws and run the country as such. If you get a majority of like-minded people in Congress to go along with your bill, you make a law. Stop requiring one to be a 'Rethug' or a 'moonbat' to play the game.

Get rid of all minorities. Not the people that make them up (blood-thirsty aren't you?), the tags themselves. Everytime you point to a person or a group and label them, you make them different. When something or someone is different, discrimination will follow (human nature and all that). You can start by getting rid of the despicable hyphen. If you're American, be American.

These things would go a long way (imo) to fixing the major things wrong with this country. Along with other adjustments in politics:

Terms of service: President 6 years, no re-election. Half of a 4 year term (first) for a President is spent campaigning for the next term, the second term is spent trying to kiss the history writers behinds.

Who can be President: Not a big change except. Elected officials that want to run for the offices of President or V-P must RESIGN their current positions. What do Senators actually do when they run for higher office? (or Governors for that matter) Nothing, ask the people of Mass., or North Carolina what KEdwards did during 2003 and 04. Ask the people of New York what they think Hillary will do for their state now that 'her name is in the hat'. (not to pick on liberals here, but I've actually talked to people from those states :)

Make Bills contain the laws that are intended. Limit amendments to a specified small number. After Congress approves the measure and the President, then have the PEOPLE (you know the ones that 'run the country') vote on said bills. I realize we live in a Representative Democracy and not a true democracy, but if a law will have that much of an impact (tax, criminal, freedom-type) then the people should be the final arbitrators.

Supreme court: Term-limits. Anyone who gets a position-for-life is automatically suspect of fueling their own agenda (yes even the ones I agree with). There is no balance to the Supreme Court, they are the law (and not just arbiters of said laws).

Lower courts: All should be elected instead of 'given'.

These are simply some of my opinions on things that are wrong and should be fixed. I did not get into social issues such as spending, abortion, drugs, legal ages, etc. I am pro-life, pro-guns, anti-tax, anti-earmarks, anti-drugs, believe that one age should determine legality for everything and believe in G-d. So you can make what you will of that part.
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