Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I watched the SoTU address last night (while watching basketball I'll admit) and this is closest to how I perceived it.
Victory vs. ‘A Proper Conclusion’

President Bush gave us much to consider last night in his seventh State of the Union address. – new healthcare initiatives, a bold challenge to decrease our energy consumption, an expansion of the American military, a call for comprehensive immigration reform and so on.

All of these issues are important and pressing, and my hope is that the new congress can work in concert with the President to achieve meaningful results in each area.

Towards this end, the President struck the proper tone with the new Democrat Congressional majority; in equal parts congratulatory and cooperative.

However, the central issue of this speech and his presidency is, of course, Iraq.

Though I do not wish to belabor any of the oft argued points on the subject, there was one thing that stood out about last night’s proceedings.

Go on over to Tom's site and read the rest. Then read the comments. I bet you quarter to a dollar you can guess who the moonbats are in the comments :)
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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