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Spanish bishops fear rebirth of Islamic kingdom

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Courtesy of Dhimmi Watch:

And they have every reason to, since after all, Spain is part of dar al-Islam. By Elizabeth Nash in the Independent, with thanks to Andrew Bostom:

Spain’s bishops are alarmed by ambitious plans to recreate the city of Cordoba - once the heart of the ancient Islamic kingdom of al-Andalus - as a pilgrimage site for Muslims throughout Europe.

Plans include the construction of a half-size replica of Cordoba’s eighth century great mosque, according to the head of Cordoba’s Muslim Association. Funds for the project are being sought from the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, and Muslim organisations in Morocco and Egypt.Other big mosques are reportedly planned for Medina Azahara near Cordoba, Seville and Granada.

The bishops of those cities are alarmed at the construction of ostentatious mosques, fearing that the church’s waning influence may be further eclipsed by resurgent Islam financed from abroad. Up to one million Muslims are estimated to live in Spain. Many are drawn by a romantic nostalgia for the lost paradise of Al-Andalus, the caliphate that ruled Spain for more than five centuries.

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Click over and read the whole thing and follow the links. The retaking of Spain is getting closer by the day.

The Big Dog is having an open trackback day, so I'll link thru to him. His most recent posts are on illegal immigration and Sly Stalone's thoughts on fences (between countries, not his house).
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