Thursday, January 4, 2007

Back Pain and the News

My back is slightly out today, so I've been sleeping alot. I'll try to make a post or two, but I'm not sure just how much longer I'll be awake :)

Looking over at yahoo news for some inspiration (hehe) and found this:

Democrats take control of Congress

AP - 1 hour, 30 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - In a day of ceremony and historic change, Rep. Nancy Pelosi became the nation's first female House speaker on Thursday as Democrats eagerly took control of Congress for the final two years of President Bush's term.

Ouch. That's about all i can say to that. Of course, the democrats could really suprise me for the next two years, but I highly doubt it. The incoming congress just has too many differences of opinion with me for me to be too highly optimistic. They may do some good with earmarks (which would be very good) but not much else seems hopeful. They will undoubtedly spend their time with investigations and subpoenas instead of legislation.

To be fair, I don't think the democratic congress could get much done even if they do try. Not much of their agenda would be friendly to the remaining republicans or the President. That means vetoes and not enough votes to override them.

Other news:
Bill Schorr Jan 04, 2007
Thu Jan 4, 12:00 AM ET
Now that's funny.

Seems the local news of importance is:
Saban says yes
University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban receives a kiss from Colette Connell, of Tuscaloosa, as he is mobbed by Alabama fans at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport on Wednesday. (Michael E. Palmer/Tuscaloosa News)
TUSCALOOSA -- After ending the 2006 season without a coach and with a 6-7 record, Alabama already has its first big win of 2007.

On Wednesday, after more than five weeks of searching, the Crimson Tide found a coach to replace the fired Mike Shula. Former LSU and Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban accepted the job and
That would have been hard to guess. Although this area isn't rabid Alabama, it does have alot of fans. More of an even split from Alabama and Auburn (with Tennessee making a decent % of fans here). Of course, the University of North Alabama (D-II) is the toast of this area and rightly so. They do have a nice new website (; go give it a visit.

Some good news from the WhiteHouse: (of course he will have to pass a democratic Senate)

Bush to Nominate Khalilzad for U.N. Job

By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer 23 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, will be nominated by President Bush to become the U.S. envoy to the United Nations, a senior administration official said Thursday.

Khalilzad, who is Afghan born, has served also as ambassador to Afghanistan. He is likely to be replaced in Baghdad by Ryan Crocker, a veteran American diplomat, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make an announcement for the White House.

Khalilzad would replace John Bolton, whose appointment to the U.N. job expired recently.

While I hate to see John Bolton leave without even a confirmation hearing from the Senate (maybe the Massachusetts Supreme Court could rule on whether the Senate followed their congressional duties^^), Khalilzad is a great one to appoint to the post. Assuming that he does indeed get confirmed, he will work well with the incoming Speaker (Ban-Kim) hopefully in implementing the reforms promised by Kofi and pushed by Bolton.

The United Nations is a vast diplomatic meeting place, but that is about it. If they ever hope to actually wield the power that France and most of Europe think they do, then they will need a complete overhaul. When the 'world body' issues a sanction or calls for action, instead of everyone lining up to toe the line, most people in the world yawn.

Unless it is talking about the U.S. or Israel; most of the U.N. dialogue is full of empty threats and/or promises that will not be followed through. The Iran sanctions are no better or worse than the promises made to Dafur, but they are just as empty.

Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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