Saturday, January 13, 2007

Acts of War (one-way?)

A little war talk over at the Washington Monthly. Kevin Drum posts about the attack on the Iranian consulate (note: not a consulate) in Iraq and quotes Andy McCarthy talking about it being an act of war.

ACT OF WAR....The big buzz today is that war with Syria and Iran is all but imminent. Over at The Corner, Andy McCarthy seems to be pretty happy about this:

With that in mind, the raid on the Iranian consulate in Iraq's Kurdish region has to be welcome news. We would certainly regard that as an act of war if the tables were turned.

Points for honesty, I guess. But what if it doesn't work? What provocation will we dream up next to ensure that we get the war conservatives so desperately want?

UPDATE: Nope, it turns out it wasn't a consulate. I guess we'll have to try something else after all.(link)

Notice how Drum states, "I guess we'll have to try something else..." {ellipsis mine-LN} on the fact that it wasn't a consulate (and therefore may not be an act of war). What Drum and his commenters (especially Blue_idiot_in_a_red_state) fails to remember (or is it this just not in their 'history') is that in 1979 the Iranians stormed the U.S. consulate and took people hostage. Now this is indeed an act of war and has never been answered.

Also, we have Iranian weapons in the hands of people in Iraq shooting at our soldiers, Iranian guardsmen (Quds) training terrorist to shoot at our soldiers (they stop being insurgents and become terrorist when they target civilians, think about it idiots). So now we have 3 acts of war (yes there are more over the intervening years, but I think this is enough to illustrate) against the U.S. by Iran. Where are the posts from Drum and tWM posters (and commenters) belaying that fact?

There won't be any. To those people, the U.S. is wrong (always) and no matter what any other country does, it is our fault if we do anything back except roll over and play France.

Read a few left-wing sites, in almost every thread there will be at least 1 (if not many) comments saying that ' and so right-winger... should enlist and grow some... etc.), the ironic fact that these people say this from there home and not in the military is just ... lost?

Hi to the tWM readers/commenters who click here :) feel free to spit in my comments.
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