Friday, December 22, 2006

Tom Tochi

HehTM I got this in the mail today. It's nice to see that some people just never give up.

My name is Tom Tochi the only son of late Mr. John Tochi who before his death was Oil Services Contractor Gabon National Oils. I got your contact from school library.

I am writing you this mail in confidence requesting your assistance in securing,transfer
and investment of a large deposit that was done by my late father with one of the Security and Finance firms in this region.

For your assistance you will receive 15 percent of the proceeds after the transfer of the deposit to your country and 5 percent to cover the cost of handling the transaction a fresh contract will be made to cover the investments which will be in your company or the company you will norminate.

Your urgent response will be appreciated, please email me directly,

Tom Tochi
225 072 174 51 call me pls
Anyone want to send this guy a bunch of spam mail? Feel free, I linked the addy for you. Just don't fall for this scam.
Reason to laugh

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