Sunday, December 17, 2006

Second Chance / Passing Away

Two stories about opposites: (first from England)

Little boy comes 'back from the dead' after car crash

Exclusive By LUCY LAING
Last updated at 22:00pm on 17th December 2006

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This is the amazing little boy who has literally come back from the dead after doctors switched off his life support machine.

Doctors said they didn’t hold out any hope for six-year-old Craig Boardman who was given a nil chance of survival after suffering massive injuries after being hit by a truck.

They had already switched off his life support machine once, but he had shown no sign of life so they had to switch it back on.

Miracle: Six-year-old boy wakes from the dead after being hit by truck.

So when doctors switched off the machine for the second time, no-one held out any hope - until Craig took the tinest(sic) of breaths.

Now he has made an amazing recovery and is back home in Dishforth, North Yorkshire, with his relieved parents, who thought they had lost him for ever. (link)

Remarkable and touching story of a little boy that was lost and came back. A very warm story to happen at this particular time of year. Here's hoping the little boy lives a very long and fulfilling life.

Now the other way (from just up the road):
Student linked to TB cases at UNA dies
Last Updated:December 17. 2006 12:00AM
Published: December 17. 2006 3:30AM

A student scheduled to receive his master's degree in business administration Friday from the University of North Alabama died at Huntsville Hospital on Thursday.

University officials declined to identify the student, but the TimesDaily has learned that Bikash Agrawal is the fifth student in the university's international program to be linked to two confirmed and two suspected cases of tuberculosis at the university.

All four students are being treated for the disease with a standard drug protocol, said Dr. Karen Landers, area health officer. She said none remains hospitalized or is contagious.

Health officials have not said, however, that Agrawal's death was a result of TB.

Landers said Agrawal's case has been linked to the other four cases. His case was determined through communication across public health areas within the state, she said.

"We are aware of the situation," she said. "But we are satisfied all appropriate action has been taken, and this death won't affect our investigation."

Landers serves a six-county region that includes Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, Marion, Walker and Winston counties.

Although he had been a resident of Florence, Agrawal was living in Huntsville at the time of his death. He had taken one course on campus at UNA and another through the online degree program.

David Shields, UNA vice president for student affairs, said the student had not attended an on-campus class in the past two months. (link)
Prayers go out to this young man's family.
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