Saturday, December 23, 2006

Miss USA update

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Update: Pictures (NSFW) follow the link.
Racy pics cost Miss Nevada USA her crown

Miss USA, Tara Conner, left, has a tarnished tiara, while Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair, drew the ire of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Story Highlights

• Photos show queen exposing breast, pulling down her pants
• Miss Nevada was 17, had "lapse of judgment," attorney says
• Miss USA kept tiara when she agreed to go into rehab
• MADD cut its ties with hard-partying Miss Teen USA

NEW YORK (AP) -- Another Miss USA contestant has taken a tumble.

Miss Nevada USA was stripped of her title Thursday after racy photos of her appeared on the Internet, pageant officials said. Some of the photos show Katie Rees, 22, kissing other young women, exposing one of her breasts and pulling down her pants to show her thong underwear at a party in Tampa, Florida.

"Katie Rees has been relieved of her duties as Miss Nevada USA 2007," said Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, which owns the Miss USA pageant and others. (link)

Now that's an extra spicy tale to go with the Miss Usa and Miss Teen 'blunders'. Of course they show no pictures of Miss Nevada's 'indiscretions', but you get the idea. It's not ok to be a typical teen and then compete for these pagaents. Yes people should be able to be what and who they want, but this stuff needs to be known beforehand, so the judges (and sponsors) can make a determination if they want that particular person representing them.

Do I think these women (girls?) should be stripped of their titles and such? Heck no, they shouldn't be punished for being normal people. They should be punished for lying to the organizers of the contest and not telling them that they are typical teenagers; but it is ultimately up to the people putting on the pagaent to make sure they research a little beforehand.

Of course, that doesn't take away the responsibility that these girls have in trying to live up to what they are supposed to represent either, so I guess it's a catch-22. I think in the future, the people chosen will be more strigently 'back'-checked before allowing them to compete and perhaps win.

Still, it does make for interesting reading.
Reason to party?

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