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ex-President Carter and 'Apartheid':

Carter explains his use of 'apartheid'

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Facing controversy over his new book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, former President Jimmy Carter issued a letter to American Jews explaining his use of the term "apartheid" and sympathizing with Israelis who fear terrorism.

Former US President Jimmy Carter holds a copy of his book "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid."
Photo: AP

Carter wrote the letter following his meeting Tuesday with a group of rabbis in Arizona. The rabbis said they would not call for a boycott of Carter's book, "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," but they also would not suggest that anyone read it.

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    Carter's book follows the peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians during his presidency in 1977-1980. He is critical of all players in not reaching a better accord, but he is especially critical of the Israelis. He previously told The Associated Press that Americans are rarely exposed to anything other than pro-Israeli views in the news media.(link)

  • Jimmah defends his use of the term, states that Jews are not responsible for the 'Israeli lobby' but Christians are. He says that Christians "like him" are taught to believe and defend G-d's chosen people whom Jesus Christ came from. I believe those things also, but I wouldn't call me or anyone I know a 'Christian like him'. He defends what he wrote while at the same time saying he wasn't talking about inside Israel or 'most jews' just the few that want Palestinian land and who's protests include violence.

    Has this dimweed ever seen a protest in the middle east? The 'violent' protest tend to heavily come from the anti-Israeli crowd, not the other way around. What about the 'palestinian' people? Whence did this group of people come from? History will not show their origins, since they didn't exist until someone named them that. They speak longingly of the 'right of return' yet they refuse that right to the Jewish people whom it has been proven lived there thousands of years before the Palestinians received the nomenclature that has made this fight possible.

    Mr. Carter is afraid of the backlash his book has brought against him, thinking it may taint his place in 'history', yet fails to realize that he can't possibly taint a legacy that includes his presidency. Mr. Carter is quite possibly (with exception to murderous despots such as Hussein, Stalin, Hitler, et. al.) the worst leader of any civilized nation in the history of man.
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